Management Team



Randy Wells has been building sales organizations and companies his entire working life. He started in the restaurant business at the age of 14, became a head chef by 18, and general manager of a 40 employee restaurant at 19. He achieved manager of the year awards and was promoted to General Manager of a Tennis Resort Hotel at 21. He went on to become Director of Operations at 25.

During this time he married and had two children that he wanted to spend more time with. He entered the world of Prudential Insurance and Financial services and quickly became Rookie of the Year. He took over manager responsibilities and over the next few years built the number 1 sales organization in the USA in 1988. Wells opened his own highly successful financial services company and retired in 2000.

Three months into retirement he was asked to raise funds for an online technology store operation. He purchased 2 companies from a public company and merged their technology to create individualized stores for IT professionals. It was in this venue that he further acquired the competition (HandTech) and quickly grew to 1750 stores on line with revenues of 3 million per month. Wells served as President of this company. The company was sold and Wells went on to consult with He built 2 major sales operations in New York and Santa Monica which effectively increased the gross sales of the company by 200%. He was offered a position as Senior Vice President of Sales, and eventually was asked to become CEO of the largest attorney/client matching service in the nation.

During this tenure Wells was instrumental in the matching service being accepted in all 50 states by their respective bar associations. He attempted to purchase the company with a $20 million dollar private raise, but eventually was rejected in his attempt. Wells went on to takeover Casepost, LegalMatch’s chief competition. He raised one million dollars and grew the company to 300% of prior volume. He left after a majority of the stock was sold by the founder to an outside interest who proved to be in conflict with Wells.

Wells decided to only work in the consulting industry for the next few years. He helped organize the marketing efforts of one of the largest attorney collection firms in the nation (commercial accounts only), ran the legal and marketing department for Alliance Funding Group, served as CMO for IBankon line funding services, became COO for a very large telemarketing operation running 3 companies, and was marketing consultant for one of the dominant legal firms in Southern California.

Wells became involved in the publicly traded mining company in North Dakota after serving first as their consultant. He raised funds for this company, restructured every existing finance agreement for more favorable terms, acquired a large mining and trucking company, and eventually 25 oil wells. His experience is vast and varied with high level success in each project.




Judy Cook is passionate about sustainable regenerative agriculture, reducing chemical pesticide and herbicide usage, growing organically, and improving nutrient density and flavor.  It is very rewarding to her to help others to understand the value of conservation of resources, improving our soils, and growing organically, while incorporating emerging technologies and processes to accomplish these things more effectively. She is been working with numerous projects utilizing algae, bokashi and other microorganisms to revitalize soils. She is actively involved in several major hemp, medical marijuana and CBD projects currently.

She owned a pollution control engineering company that performed assessments, designed, built and installed systems to clean air and water in the aerospace industry.  Her clients included McDonnell Douglas, Ford Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, as well as projects with Goodyear Aircraft Tire, Shiley Laboratories (a Div. of Pfizer), Aerol, etc.

She served as a consultant to EPA (Region.9) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District, as well. She worked with the rule writers to review and create technology forcing regulations that could be quantified realistically.

She had an advertising agency which created media and marketing materials, performed market analysis and surveys, and designed marketing programs. Her clients included Bill Gates, Viacom Cable, Quantel Computer, etc.

She owned a log home franchise, (Amerlink Log Homes) and sold about 100 log homes a year, winning national sales awards and franchisee of the year twice. She also owned a construction company which erected many of these homes. She held log home seminars in resort areas to market her homes.

She has consulted for organic dairymen in California streamlining their operations, going off-grid with solar power, rotating pastures, manure digesters, and assisting with USDA grants and loans. She helped them create marketing programs and marketing materials, public relations, trade shows, conventions and helped them set up seminars for the purpose of educating and marketing to specific segments of the market which had been targeted.

She started early as a research chemist working on developments and patents for 15 years with her husband and also, in a national commercial testing lab.  She successfully marketed some of these developments. These ranged from rolling coolants and lubricants for the aluminum industry, to filtration systems, oil/water separators, desalinization processes, and paint strippers for commercial and military aircraft, to name a few.

She, then, ran a corrosion control paint research laboratory which included competitive product analysis and new product development.  She also held seminars for Chevron Research introducing their new asphaltic urethane technology.

While owning a corrosion control coatings company, she worked with industrial and commercial clients in eleven western states writing technical specifications with engineering firms (including Brown & Root, Fluor, Bechtel, Kellogg, Parsons, Jacobs, CH2M Hill, Turner, Swinerton, Disney’s Imagineering, etc.) for projects which included the Alaska Pipeline, petro-chemical cities in Dubai, Disney in Japan, Florida and California, Nuclear Power Plants, Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, National Steel & Ship Building, Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Golden Gate Bridge Authority, McDermott off-shore platforms, etc.  She also sold corrosion control coatings to these same companies, as well as, wineries, food processing plants, etc.

While owning the above company, she went to Germany and Switzerland and brought a new Bayer patented technology to the United States from Germany and set up manufacturing in Los Angeles for a Swiss billionaire (Viktor Kleinert of Bern, Switzerland).

She co-owned and operated two successful licensed assisted living facilities for elderly with her son, located in Paradise, and Oakdale, California. These included dementia and hospice care units. She held the titles of Director and Administrator.

She sits on the board of a non-profit organization which she and her son founded, called International Medicine Group, Inc.  IMG collects and ships medical equipment and supplies to third world countries and sets up clinics and hospitals in under-served areas.  Her son, (Dr. Mark Cook), goes to these countries (Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Haiti, Philippines, the Ukraine, and several Native Tribes in Alaska, California and Arizona, etc.) and helps them set up the medical equipment and teaches the local doctors and nurses how to use the equipment in their clinics and hospitals.  (



For over 30 years Cab Baber has actively advocated for Hawaii farmers to be able to grow industrial hemp as a sustainable crop in a location where nearly everything must be imported from thousands of miles away. Hemp is used to clean up brownfield and superfund sites and thus can also help restore former sugar cane lands by removing residual herbicides and other chemicals used in its cultivation.  As the Farm Bill passes through Congress we hope Cab will have a much bigger job consulting w/ Hemp farmers

Cab has passion for learning, teaching and practicing sustainable agriculture and environmental management. He practices and promotes organic farming of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and industrial hemp, using the same principles on his own farm:

  • soil improvements that return crucial microorganisms to the growing medium
  • recycling waste to create energy
  • efficient water use
  • reducing pollutants and pesticides in waterways
  • improving bee habitat

As an advocate for these initiatives, he has met with legislators and appeared on television and in print media. He advises the University of Hawaii, he organizes and facilitates workshops, he co-founded Hawaii Organic Farmers Association, charter member of the Hawaii State Herbs Association and serves as President, was a co-founding board member of Hawaii Farmers Union United, Kohala Chapter, and established the first Community Supported Agriculture subscription farm on Hawaii Island. He developed pruning techniques that increase quality and production that are becoming the standard in many grow operations.

He secured the first hemp permit in the state of Hawaii. He is currently consulting on hemp projects in the continental United States as well as British Columbia. He directly oversees fertility on 300 acres of CBD. He will also soon be consulting on similar projects in Jamaica.

Originally from New Hampshire, Cab moved to Hawaii in 1979 and lived on a two-acre farm overlooking the sea, where he began to utilize the gardening skills learned from his mother, his Aunt Tuby, and his grandmother to grow food and flowers for himself and friends. He met Mr. Pang, an organic farmer, who agreed to take him on as an apprentice and teach him sustainable agriculture techniques.

After three years with Mr. Pang, Cab moved to Florida where he worked with Jonathan Ransom, the President of the Florida State Landscape Association and the number one landscaper in the state. He was a landscape foreman on Mr. Ransom’s high-end landscaping projects, using sustainable and organic practices. He also tended a 13-acre palm tree nursery and grew organic fruits and vegetables, supplying the community and health food stores.

Returning to Hawaii in 1986, he lived on the Kona coast of the Big Island and continued to learn and practice small-scale organic farming. He met Jim Lloyd, a farmer who specialized in developing Effective Microorganisms, or EM. When Jim Lloyd ultimately returned to the mainland, he shared his processes with Cab and asked him to continue his work.

Cab began manufacturing Effective Microorganism Bokashi, fermented organic compost which establishes beneficial microorganisms critical to maintaining soil and plant health. Crop yield increases in the short, medium, and long term. He is the primary producer of EM Bokashi in Hawaii. A natural teacher, Cab feels that true sustainability requires locally trained Farmers. His passion is growing and he founded Island Herbs Hawaii, LLC, an organic farming, gardening, and consulting firm. Cab developed Merriman’s Restaurant garden in Kamuela, Hawaii, which was featured in national magazines and television shows. He has provided Waimea Middle Public Conversion Charter School with fertility and nutrition advise for their school garden. He has run large scale grows of various agricultural crops, including medicinal herbs, in every district on Hawaii Island. 



A “sustainability strategist” and “ecological alarmist” is an early adapter of “regenerative Agriculture” and other solutions  for the future well-being of our planet. One major project creation, “Smart Streets Worldwide Systems,” forms the most advanced communications backbone for cities to enable municipal resource conservation. His design of bamboo building products to replace traditional wood fiber was 10 years ahead of conventional adoption.

Marketing “fuel-less” electrical generating power plants in Africa, Caribbean, South Korea, Viet Nam, and the Middle East. He outlined a city of the future with sub-surface farming 30 years ago. Founder, Editor, and Publisher of several newsletters focused on sustainability, these education- oriented publications reached 300,000 subscribers in 21 countries. Dedicated to “Green Building, natural building products, and Sustainable Living,” these eNewsetters covered all emerging topics, technologies, processes, and techniques needed by both professionals, government officials, agriculturalists, biofuel producers, and homeowners in addressing sustainability & climate change.

  • Partially responsible for passage of AB32 (California anti-global warming act) 2006 through outreach efforts with New Voice of Business leveraging the newsletters email  addresses. AB32 (air pollution), and subsequent SB375 (transportation), set up a base for future economic growth for California.  Included “Cap and Trade carbon credits” program.
  • Founder & Chairman Inland Empire Solar Energy Council representing solar integrator contractors
  • Co-author of the San Francisco Master Green Plan for future generations;
  • Member Hazardous Materials, Economy & Development, & Risk Management committees, 1997.
  • Specifier and Project manager of the 1st U.S. LEED Platinum residence, registered and awarded in 2008, a model for other residential LEED filings.
  • Original member of International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 West Coast Working Group–Technical Advisory Committee, supported by Silicon Valley manufacturers with ISO 9001 experience. Developed, edited and improved standards for product labeling, regular improvement, and environmental impact under ISO 14041.
  • Created the Green Building Products Showcase, co-sponsored by the AIA Committee on the Environment, Pacific Gas & Electric, Urban Ecology Institute, and Architects, Designers, & Planners for Social Responsibility. It became the foundation of the West Coast Green Conference, the first and largest residentially focused expo and housed in San Francisco for several years.
  •  Original member of the Clinton Committee on the Environment, 1997.
  • Founder of the USGBC Central Valley/Coast Chapter, now a major chapter in Central California, as well as an instructor in the UC Merced green construction and LEED certification programs in 2004.
  • Former member of the Board of Advisors for the USGBC Inland Empire Chapter, using experience from helping launch the USGBC San Francisco chapter and helping it expand to grow 2 more sub-chapters in 2007.
  • Conference host and chair of the first and continuing benchmark conference “Altering Profiles of the Future” for the UC System held at UC Santa Barbara 2002
  • Instructor of “green construction materials & technology” at the Community Colleges of San Bernardino and Riverside counties and advanced degree students at University of California–Riverside. These classes gave hands on experience in green design & sustainable building to the attendees and made them experts in “green materials.”

Previous Non-Sustainable Enterprises
Armstrong Industries Worldwide – National Senior Acct Mgr
a. Managed 350 sales personnel – world’s largest flooring Manuf.
b. Managed top 100 major Architectural firms
c. Top 50 Interior Design firms
d.  Baker Tanks – District Manager – Hazardous Waste Liquid storage
Largest tank rental company in USA.  Clients included – Chevron, Shell, Waste management, Cities….
e.  Led Hazardous Waste 1st Responders training classes
f. Dial One HVAC – PGE contractor for change out to higher efficiency heating & cooling for 9 NorCal Counties
g. Natures Finest Distributing – General Manager, $32m/sales 1989, 150 employees, 3 refrigerated warehouses, 25K products, 1800 customers in 3 states, fleet of 22 trucks
h. Home Space Savers – CEO, Founder,   Union, non-union installation contractor LA High rises, Wilshire corridor, Marina del Ray condos, Major Competitor of California Closets



Daniel moved to San Diego California after graduating from Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado with a degree in Business Administration, concentrations in marketing and resort management. While growing up in Durango Mr. Gardner developed a love for the outdoors and strong work ethic helping his father run the family owned trucking business. While in San Diego, Daniel developed extensive experience managing and directing teams in online and direct sales/marketing resulting in over 30 million in sales per year. Mr. Gardner moved to Tennessee to oversee the largest sales and marketing operation responsible for over 160 million in sales per year. Daniel has over 15 years of award-winning performance and strong track record for meeting and exceeding goals while developing some of the top teams in vacation ownership. Daniel focused most of his time in the extremely competitive Vacation Resort Industry in California, Tennessee, and Missouri and has maintained relationships with top level executives in his field.

Daniel moved back to California and started his cannabis career by forming his own Collective to focus on hemp derived products with the specific goal of helping people and families with issues related to cancer, epilepsy, and auto immune disease. Helping people find alternative medicine through his consulting service in California and Colorado, Mr. Gardner worked with many of the top cannabis and hemp companies to develop products and expand operations while focusing on quality at a reasonable price.

He developed strategic alliances with certified Colorado hemp seed providers and sold over $300,000 of seed in 2017 and directed over $1,000,000 in research and development including new planting or growing techniques, custom harvesting technology, and processing equipment. Mr. Gardner has over 5 years’ experience growing industrial and high CBD hemp. Farms ranging from 5-acre parcels to 600 acres at various elevations and soil types across Colorado. Daniel’s main role was to help 303 farms negotiate, plan, and execute the acquisition of 600 acres of suitable farming land for the groups own hemp cultivation. Daniel has experience in all aspects of Hemp cultivation, harvesting, storage, processing as well as development of properly dosed finished products ready for market. This experience has led to many opportunities to consult for hemp operations in Canada, South America, Thailand, Spain, and South Africa.



Tess handles the logistics operations for all projects. She has an uncanny sense of spotting problems before they occur and solving them quickly. She has spent over 25 years in a variety of admin and management positions ranging from Interconnection Products and ITT Cannon, to Phoenix Technologies, and 10 years as a contracts specialist with Volt Workforce Solutions. Tess has been with Growcanna for just over 3 years. She is the “go to” person for all operations